Mid-Year Journal Prompts to Finish the Year Strong

July marks halfway through the year-- and the perfect time for some reflection on your year so far.

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Free Period Press x Eccolo Collab

I’m so excited to announce a new line of products that we've launched in partnership with stationery pros Eccolo. We’ve been working with these fine folks for the past year and they are finally ready for you!

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How to Collaborate With Friends On Creative Projects without Making Things Weird

We were so honored to make this mini-zine for Good Company Magazine's second issue. It’s called How to Collaborate with Friends on Creative Projects without Making Things Weird. 

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Our 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Need some gift ideas? Here’s our take on who might enjoy our stuff. Wishing you the coziest, loveliest, and self-care-iest holiday season ever.

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How to Unplug from Technology and Keep Social Media at Bay

It takes serious effort to pull yourself away from the screen and disconnect, but we’re reminded over and over again that it’s sooo worth it. March 3-4 is National Day of Unplugging. We will be participating and are seriously looking forward to the clean break from tech.

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4 Ways to Celebrate Galentine's Day with Your Gal Pals

Our good friend Leslie Knope once wisely said, “Galentine’s Day is only the best day of the year!!” Obviously, we totally agree with her.

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Journaling Prompts for the Best Year Ever

The week between Christmas and New Year's is always my fave. After a couple of days of rest, I'm usually flooded with new ideas and motivation. Here are some journal prompts you can use to reflect on the past year and gear up for the year ahead.

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A few favorite quotes about habits

A few Pinterest-able quotes about habits from Debbie Millman, Gretchen Rubin, and Annie Dillard.

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How to use "committment devices" to form new habits

"Find ways to automate your behavior beforehand rather than relying on willpower in the moment."

-James Clear (via)

This is one of my favorite pieces of advice for keeping my goals on track. Examples from my own life include:

  • Not having the Facebook app or games on my phone
  • Paying for a class to learn a new hobby (instead of saying that I'll teach myself... because I won't!)
  • Schedule reoccurring Craft Nights with my friends for the year. I love hosting craft nights. Setting them in advance takes any decisions out of the equation.

Why planning for setbacks is important for long-term success

"It’s important to plan in advance to fail. Perhaps we should call failure something different – a moment of indulgence, a moment of rest, a saving of willpower."

-Rita Coelho do Vale (via)

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