Free Period Press Spring Cleaning Sale

One of my favorite business books is Originals by Adam Grant. The concept that has especially stuck with me is that you need a lot of bad ideas in order to get a few good ones.

Here’s how he describes it in his TED talk:

“One of the best predictors [of the great classical composers] is the sheer volume of compositions that they generate. The more output you churn out, the more variety you get and the better your chances of stumbling on something truly original. Even the three icons of classical music -- Bach, Beethoven, Mozart -- had to generate hundreds and hundreds of compositions to come up with a much smaller number of masterpieces.”

I love every product that we make, but I’m often surprised by which do well and which do just so-so.

After learning and internalizing this idea of focusing on output, I have stopped waiting for the perfect product idea and have instead focused on getting them out into the world and letting others decide if they’re any good or not.

It’s been very freeing to take the pressure of “greatness” off of my shoulders and, instead, focusing on producing the best product I can.

This is a long way of saying… we’re having our first ever clearance sale to make room for more greatness. 😉 Please do check it out!