35 Self-Care Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Everyone on Your List

Stocking stuffers are a great way to give a little self-care after a hectic holiday season.

It can be tough to find a gift that’s tiny enough to fit inside a stocking but is still unique, thoughtful, and budget-friendly. Not to fear! We put together this guide with lots of amazing stocking stuffer ideas for everyone on your list.

35 Self-Care Stocking Stuffer Ideas - Free Period Press

  1. Washi tape
  2. Distractables: A Super Cute Very Nice Coloring Book
  3. Colored pencils
  4. You Got This: A Mantra Coloring Book
  5. Monogrammed coffee mug
  6. Grow-your-own-garden kit
  7. Look Back Plan Ahead Workbook to reflect on the past year and set some new goals
  8. A journal
  9. Fruit-infusing water bottle
  10. Self-Care Master Plan
  11. Shower steamers
  12. Manicure set
  13. Fidget toys or silly putty
  14. Self Care Index: A Pocket Guide for Remembering the Things You Like to Do
  15. Cocoa mix
  16. Animal slippers
  17. Beard care tools
  18. Skincare kit
  19. Self-care stickers
  20. Lip balm
  21. Herbal tea
  22. Bath bomb
  23. Unplugged: A Digital Detox Workbook
  24. Fluffy mittens
  25. Scrunchie ponytail holders
  26. Sleep mask
  27. Creative Creatures: An Animal Coloring Book
  28. Chenille socks
  29. Soothing body wash
  30. Essential oils
  31. Booklight
  32. Progress Tracker Poster
  33. Tiny fairy lights
  34. Scented candles
  35. Face mask

8 Tips to Help You Practice Self-Care During the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… and the most stressful. Of course, lots of us spend the holidays with the people we love. But we also spend tons of time fulfilling obligations, shopping, and traveling.

All this busyness can make it really hard to care for one really important person—you. So here are a few ideas to help you slow down and practice self-care during the holiday season.

Holiday Self-Care Tips - Free Period Press

1. Set boundaries with family and friends

Sometimes, the people closest to us can stress us out the most. While we want to build relationships with loved ones, we also don’t have to set aside our own feelings. Before gathering with family or friends, think about how much you want to share. If a conversation feels uncomfortable—it’s okay to follow your instincts.

2. Notice how you're feeling

It’s always a good idea to be aware of your emotions. Are you feeling stressed out? It might be time to take a break and go for a walk. Filled with the joy of the season? Then pour another round of eggnog. By understanding how you’re feeling, you can change your response to help manage your emotions.

3. Practice gratitude

What are you thankful for? Taking a few moments to write down your thoughts in a gratitude journal can give you a positive mental boost. If you appreciate the people in your life, it never hurts to reach out and tell them, too.

4. Understand it's okay to say "no"

No, you do not have to attend every holiday party you’re invited to. And, no, you do not have to buy a present for your uncle’s boss’s new girlfriend. Saying “no” can be uncomfortable, but it can also be empowering. It’s also an amazing way to prioritize the people and events that are most important to you. 

5. Focus on the here and now

Stay present when you’re opening those presents! Keeping your attention on what’s going on around you, gives you a chance to enjoy the sights and sounds of the season. This way, you’re not thinking longingly of holidays past or stressing about the coming new year.

6. Make time to rest and relax

It’s easy to get run down with all the hustle and bustle of the holidays. That’s why it’s essential to get enough sleep. Winter is also an ideal time to work on your relaxation skills and set aside moments for self-care habits like meditation, yoga, journaling, or reading.

7. Reflect on your values

Christmas goes hand in hand with commercialization. Set aside time to think about who you are and what you value. If creating handmade gifts matters to you, don’t stress when you see others exchanging expensive store-bought presents. Just stay true to yourself.

8. Enjoy the good times

Don’t get us wrong! The holidays aren’t all about drama. When you come across one of those magical moments that make the season bright, there’s only one thing to do—savor it!

Looking for some self-care gift ideas? We got you covered!

Yay! It’s the Free Period Press 2021 Holiday Gift Guide!

Is there anything better than a self-care gift? A present that makes you feel like you can slow down, turn inward, and take some time for yourself? Let’s face it—after the hustle and bustle of the holidays, we all need a little extra TLC.

Our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide is all about presents that help your friends and family focus on what matters. Whether that’s being more creative, more productive, or just more relaxed.

As always, we offer free shipping on orders over $35. So, get something for everyone on your list. And a little something for yourself while you’re at it!

1. The Vision Board Book


With over 700 inspirational images, the Vision Board Book can help anyone create a visual reminder of their hopes, dreams, and goals in 2022.

Gift it to: An artistic soul.

2. The Calendar of Good

Good stuff is happening all the time. Really! Write it down on the Calendar of Good and keep all those joyful moments top of mind.

Gift it to: A family who wants to start a gratitude habit.

3. Schedule Magic To-Do List Notebook

 Schedule Magic To-Do List Notebook - Free Period Press

The Schedule Magic time-blocking system helps you organize your life by planning the hardest (and most important) tasks first.

Gift it to: A busy student or co-worker.

4. The Habit Calendar

Small habits make a big difference. Use the Habit Calendar to meet all your goals—both big and small—and stay on top of your life.

Gift it to: Your most productive friend.

5. You Got This: A Mantra Coloring Book

Meditate. Motivate. Or color outside the lines. Getting creative with the You Got This: Mantra Coloring Book is what being an adult is all about.

Gift it to: Your sibling who will never grow up.

6. Self-Care Master Plan

Self-Care Master Plan - Free Period Press

It’s always a good time to take care of you. The Self-Care Master Plan helps you create lists that make you feel grounded and resilient. Enjoy the positive vibes!

Gift it to: Yourself. Because you deserve it, dang it.

7. BONUS: Our adorable stickers

Stickers - Free Period Press

Our stickers are the perfect stocking stuffers or add-on gift when you need an extra somethin'-somethin'.

Gift it to: Anyone that could use a daily pick-me-up.


Thanks so much for supporting this small biz of ours-- it means the world to us!


Free Period Press Holiday Self-Care Gift Guide

Cleveland Gift Guide: 10 Ideas from Local Artists

‘Tis the season to shop—and support local businesses! We put together a guide to some of our favorite Northeast Ohio makers with suggestions for some handmade Cleveland gifts perfect for everyone on your list.

1. 2 Odd Birds

Why We Love This: It’s easy to adore a piece of bold, beautiful statement jewelry, but these designs also have an earthy, everyday quality.

2 Odd Birds Pinecone Dangle Earrings

What to Gift: Share a winter mood with a pair of brass Pinecone Dangle Earrings.

2. Unibrow Society

Why We Love This: These playful designs 100% spark joy. Illustrated prints, zines, and stickers range from whimsical and sweet to witty and snarky.

 Unibrow Society Stickers

What to Gift: Share a smile and score the perfect stocking stuffer with these cute Unibrow Society Stickers.

3. Free Period Press (that’s us)

Why We Love Us: We make cool paper things that help folks slow down, unplug, and live well.

What to Gift: We created the Cleveland Metroparks Map and Cleveland Bookworm Map to encourage people to get out and explore beyond their own neighborhoods. Plus, 5% of sales benefit our partners—Cleveland Metroparks and Literary Cleveland.

4. Ape Made

Why We Love This: All the apparel in this shop is designed, screen-printed, and packed by hand. That makes this one-woman business pretty impressive in our book.

Apemade Cleveland Made Me Sweatshirt

What to Gift: Snuggle up on a chilly day with a Cleveland Made Me Fleece Sweatshirt.

5. Hazelmade

Why We Love This: Anyone’s home will look elevated and artistic with these upscale paper and home goods. Not only are they gorgeous, but they’re also made in the Midwest.

 Hazelmade Dogwood Collection

What to Gift: The Dogwood Collection Gift Set features an elegant, hand-drawn floral print native to Ohio.

6. The Bubble Process

Why We Love This: Sean and Rez have a great sense of humor and incredible art skillz. We love their original takes on traditional Cleveland themes.

The Bubble Process Cleveland Spiders T-Shirt

What to Gift: Mourn the team that might have been with this cool Cleveland Spiders Shirt.

7. Lauren HB Studio

Why We Love This: It’s the best of both worlds. Lauren is a fine artist who creates incredible sculptures—and a maker who sells practical home goods.

Lauren HB Formation Mug

What to Gift: Drinking out of the handcrafted Formation Mug can help elevate anyone’s daily ritual.

8. Venus In Aquarius Apothica

Why We Love This: You can feel the care Samantha puts into her skincare products. Everything is made from sustainable sources, which adds to the handcrafted, artisanal feel.

Venus in Aquarius Apothica Facial Elixir

What to Gift: This 100% Organic Facial Elixir is ultra-soothing in harsh Cleveland winters.

9. Amber Esner

Why We Love This: Our beloved Studio Manager, Amber Esner, is also an incredible artist and illustrator. Her poignant prints, postcards, and collage work speak to our Midwestern hearts.

 Amber Esner Guardian Enamel Pin

What to Gift: Celebrate the hottest bridge (and baseball team) in town with the Guardian Enamel Pin.

11. So CLE Tees

Why We Love This: This shop focuses on the cultural side of Northeast Ohio. Whether you’re into sports or pierogies, you’ll find a way to celebrate your Cleveland identity.

So Cle Tees Cleveland Polka Town Onesie

What to Gift: Show off your Polish pride with the Polka Town Baby onesie.

BONUS: Food! Experiences!

Looking for a gift for the minimalist in your life who doesn't want any more physical things? Our favorite things to donate in those cases are food and experiences.

Cleveland is a foodie town, so there is no shortage of amazing options of restaurant gift cards you could get. A couple of our foodie-favorites are Soho and Felice. Or you could go the coffee and baked goods route with a gift card to Phoenix Coffee or On the Rise! So many good options!

There are also a ton of arts and culture institutions in Cleveland that make for great experiences. Consider gifting a membership to the Cleveland Botanical Garden / Holden Arboretum to help Clevelanders get through a long, gray winter.

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