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In a world designed to distract us into always wanting more, we’re here to remind you to check in with what really matters and to keep a sense of humor along the way. 

Free Period Press translates the latest research about living well into simple and friendly tools to help you slow down, unplug, and take care. 

Whether you're looking to unwind with a coloring book, stick to new habits with our Habit Calendar, or add some motivational stickers to your laptop, we hope our bright and playful products will help you stay centered in a hyper-connected world.

How it started

Like many entrepreneurs, I founded Free Period Press to solve my own problem. (Hi! I’m Lora, the founder of Free Period.) As your classic overachiever, productivity and efficiency has a tendency to run my life. But when I reflect on my favorite days, they are never about checking off everything off my to do list. Rather, they are the ones when I’m connected to my body, mind, and community. I created Free Period Press to help us all create more of those days.

The Artists

We partner with a bunch of ridiculously-talented artists and designers to bring our products to life. Our collaborators include: Katie DaughertyAmber EsnerErin GuidoMikey Burton, and Bree Lundberg.

Where else you can find us?

We’re always working on approximately one gazillion new projects, so sign up for our monthly newsletter to stay in touch! It's not spam-y, and it includes a bunch of pleasant things that are guaranteed to make you feel like one or all of these emojis: 😌 🐣 🌷 😅 🌚 💓. You can also occasionally find us on Instagram.

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