5 Free Self-Care Phone Wallpapers

We turned our newest self-care stickers into free phone wallpapers for you!

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Coretta Scott King Book Award Winners Printable List - Authors and Illustrators

A free, printable checklist of the past 20 years of Coretta Scott King Book Award winners to encourage you and the kiddos in your life to read and celebrate these incredible authors and illustrators.

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The Winter Self-Care Survival Guide

The season of 2020 that we all have been dreading is finally on our collective doorsteps: it's winter. But winter doesn't have to bring gloom with it! We've been dreaming up some ways to keep your spirits light this winter. Read on for our Winter Survival Guide.

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How to Create an At-Home Self-Care Retreat

Throughout this rollercoaster that is 2020, we've been told time and again to prioritize self-care. And for good reason! Making self-care part of our daily routine reminds us that we are worth putting time and energy into. As a way to cap off the year, we wanted to organize a day-long Self-Care Retreat. We want you to spend a whole day valuing your damn self. Read on for our mini guide on how to do it.

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Free Period Press 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

We’re here to solve your gift buying woes! After the year we’ve had, everyone on your list could probably use some self-care. As always, we’re offering free shipping on orders over $35. Woop!

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Memento Mori Phone and Desktop Digital Wallpapers

To celebrate the launch of our new Memento Mori sticker, we created phone and desktop digital wallpapers as more reminders that you will die someday! You're welcome. XD


Memento Mori Phone Wallpaper Free Period Press Mikey Burton


Memento Mori Desktop Wallpaper Free Period Press Mikey Burton

6 Journal Prompts for Fall

It's fall! There are three months left of the 2020! We've almost made it! That calls for some reflecting, don't you think? Here are some journal prompts to get you started.

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How to Meditate Without Actually Meditating

You don't have to be sitting on a pillow with your eyes closed to be practicing meditation. Here are some ways to become more mindful throughout your day. Hint: it involves getting out of your head and getting into the present moment.

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10 DIY Collage Greeting Card Ideas

One of our favorite ways to use our new Collage Kit Magazine is to make greeting cards. Collage Kit co-creator Amber Esner made 10 fantastic examples to inspire you!

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How to Make a DIY Collage Wall at Home

Looking for a way to jazz up your walls without buying any new art pieces? We've got the perfect solution – a DIY collage wall!

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