Stocking stuffers are a great way to give a little self-care after a hectic holiday season.

It can be tough to find a gift that’s tiny enough to fit inside a stocking but is still unique, thoughtful, and budget-friendly. Not to fear! We put together this guide with lots of amazing stocking stuffer ideas for everyone on your list.

35 Self-Care Stocking Stuffer Ideas - Free Period Press

  1. Washi tape
  2. Distractables: A Super Cute Very Nice Coloring Book
  3. Colored pencils
  4. You Got This: A Mantra Coloring Book
  5. Monogrammed coffee mug
  6. Grow-your-own-garden kit
  7. Look Back Plan Ahead Workbook to reflect on the past year and set some new goals
  8. A journal
  9. Fruit-infusing water bottle
  10. Self-Care Master Plan
  11. Shower steamers
  12. Manicure set
  13. Fidget toys or silly putty
  14. Self Care Index: A Pocket Guide for Remembering the Things You Like to Do
  15. Cocoa mix
  16. Animal slippers
  17. Beard care tools
  18. Skincare kit
  19. Self-care stickers
  20. Lip balm
  21. Herbal tea
  22. Bath bomb
  23. Unplugged: A Digital Detox Workbook
  24. Fluffy mittens
  25. Scrunchie ponytail holders
  26. Sleep mask
  27. Creative Creatures: An Animal Coloring Book
  28. Chenille socks
  29. Soothing body wash
  30. Essential oils
  31. Booklight
  32. Progress Tracker Poster
  33. Tiny fairy lights
  34. Scented candles
  35. Face mask