The holiday season is upon us, and while we seriously can’t wait to bring back all of our favorite traditions, we’re also anticipating the hustle & bustle that comes along with this time of year.

We’ve found that the best way to stay calm & centered when things get hectic is to come up with a plan of action before the frenzy begins.

So, before the holiday rush sweeps you off your feet, take some time to get intentional.

The Power of Setting Intentions

Setting intentions is like making a holiday game plan—it's about creating an environment that fills your cup, rather than depleting it.

To get started, try asking yourself…

Where do you want to spend your time and energy this holiday season?
Is it with family, in solitude, volunteering, or perhaps diving into a new hobby?

How do you want to look back on this holiday season?
With a sense of accomplishment, peace, joy, or maybe a blend of all three?

How do you want to feel this holiday season?
Energized, relaxed, fulfilled?

By identifying how you want to feel or act before you’re wrapped up in the moment, you’re more likely to make aligned choices when things get hectic.

Holiday Phone Wallpapers: Your Daily Reminder

To help you stay on track this season, we've whipped up a collection of 8 holiday phone wallpapers, each featuring a unique intention.

Let these be your daily reminders—little nudges of self-care amidst the holiday chaos.

How to Use These Wallpapers:

  • Reflect & Envision: Take a moment to think about what you want from this holiday season.
  • Choose a Wallpaper: Pick the wallpaper that matches the holiday experience you’re hoping for.
  • Set your Background: Set your phone wallpaper for a gentle reminder of your holiday intentions.
  • Switch it Up: As your holiday mood changes, feel free to swap out your wallpaper.

By setting intentions and keeping them close (literally in your pocket), you can create a holiday experience that truly reflects what matters most to you.

P.S. Looking for the perfect self-care gift? We have a gift-guide for that!

Holiday Phone Wallpaper - Sleigh the Day | Free Period Press

Holiday Phone Wallpaper - Say Yes to Rest | Free Period Press

Holiday Phone Wallpaper - Embrace the Chaos | Free Period Press

Holiday Phone Wallpaper - Love and Be Loved | Free Period Press

Holiday Phone Wallpaper - Sparkle More Stress Less | Free Period Press

Holiday Phone Wallpaper - Cozy AF | Free Period Press

Holiday Phone Wallpaper - Good Enough is Great | Free Period Press

Holiday Phone Wallpaper - Boundaries | Free Period Press