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Are you itching to make some art? Us, too.

There are plenty of simple crafts you can do to let out artistic energy into the world no matter your proficiency level. Try doing some of these crafts with friends over a Zoom meeting – it’s a great way to connect around a shared social activity! Awkward silences are totally okay – even encouraged – because it just means you and your friends are focused on your crafts.

Go on a Photo Walk

Photography is a great way to slow down and notice your surroundings. Go for a walk around your neighborhood (safely; wear a mask if distancing isn’t an option) with a camera in-hand. Photograph anything that draws your attention, inspires you, or visually piques your interest. If you don’t have a digital or film camera, just use your phone. Think about composition, lighting, and subject matter. Are you a constructor more than a finder of pictures? Maybe you want to arrange flowers in your backyard and create a scene to photograph. Or perhaps photographing people – with their permission – on their front stoops, from a distance, is more your speed. Whatever kind of photos you like to make, a simple walk around your neighborhood is sure to bring some thought-provoking imagery. 


Collaging is a great activity because it is so freeform, and there are endless possibilities. Grab a bunch of magazines you have lying around that you won’t mind cutting into, a glue stick, scissors or an X-Acto knife, and a surface on which to collage. 

Need some inspriation? We love the collage work of Naomi Vona, Erin Guido, Amber Esner, Veerle Symoens, and Hagar Vardimon.

Coloring books

Coloring books are one of the most relaxing craft activities. Despite what you may have heard, there’s no pressure to color inside the lines! Color with whatever medium suits you best – colored pencils, markers, crayons, watercolors, etc. Our line of coloring books strike the perfect balance of just-detailed enough. Check out You Got This, Distractables, or Creative Creatures.

Greeting cards

So you need to send a birthday message, some postcards, or a congratulatory note, but all retail stores are still currently closed, and you can’t stop in to your usual card spot. Try making your own cards using what you have! I love using up thick paper I have sitting around (art school leftovers) and making DIY postcards or folded greeting cards. If you have random lone envelopes sitting around (we all do, right?), then you can cut the card to fit inside one. Draw, paint, or collage whatever you want on the card, and customize it to your heart’s content! Add some writing, stickers, or washi tape. That’s the beauty of making your own cards – they’re not your standard Hallmark; they’re so much more.


What simple crafts are you enjoying these days? Let us know on Instagram!