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You know how you have that running list of things you just never end up getting around to?

Things like tightening that loose doorknob, uninstalling that software you never use anymore, or patching that hole in your wall? Inspired by the book The Power of Moments, I’ve started batching these tasks together into what I call EPIC DAY OF ADULTING!  Here’s how it works: 

1. Write up your full list of things to do

If you don’t have a running list already, give your home a quick walkthrough and look around each room. What projects jump out? Some examples from my list: hanging up artwork, filing paperwork, cleaning out my closet, fixing dead lightbulbs, cleaning up my computer desktop, organizing digital notes, working on yard projects, etc. Not sure where to start? Look at your list and ask yourself: which of these would make the biggest difference in my day-to-day life?


2. Set a date

And stick to it! Pick a day where you truly have nothing else on the docket. You need the whole day, uninterrupted, to keep rolling through your to-do list. Meal and snack breaks are of course welcomed, but you don’t want to be trying to fit in tasks around a regular workday or while you’re trying to finish up a project. Suggest inviting a friend to have an Epic Day of Adulting on the same day so that you can keep each other accountable.


3. From sunup to sundown, do as many as you can!

Don’t feel the need to rush through tasks, but don’t dwell on any one task for too long if you can help it. Get each task done thoroughly so that you’ll be satisfied and proud of your work later. If you get stuck on a project, add the next step to your to-do list and move on to something else. This isn’t a test – just do the best you can!


4. Treat yourself

On your Epic Day of Adulting, try wearing your comfiest work clothes, buying a giant coffee from the coffee shop, and lunch from your favorite deli. (Or whatever treats sound motivating to you!) Make the day special and associate it with things you love for an extra motivation boost.


5. Admire your handiwork

Now you can kick back & relax, relishing all your hard work! You’ll continue to reap the rewards of your Epic Day of Adulting in the weeks to come. Getting through all those to-do’s is going to make your everyday life less stressful.  You’ll likely find it easier to focus on projects at-hand, without your mind wandering to all those other little things you’d like to get done.


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