Free Period Press Habit Tracking Calendar

We get a lot of questions about what to track in your Habit Calendar.

So we compiled this list of 100 (!) habits that you can track daily, weekly, or monthly. They are broken down into categories so that you can pull from these ideas based on your priorities. Not sure where to begin? We have a free downloadable Brainstorm Guide so you can figure out what habits would be most helpful to you!


Physical Health

1. 30 minutes of movement
2. 5 servings of fruits and veggies
3. 8,500 steps
4. 10 push-ups (or your exercise of choice)
5. Pack gym clothes for tomorrow
6. Drink 8 glasses of water (you can write the number of glasses you drank in the square instead of a checkmark)
7. Pack your lunch
8. Screen-free meals
9. Go for a walk
10. Stretch
11. Explore one new hiking trail per month
12. Walk to destinations under a mile away
13. Weekly meal prep
14. Floss
15. Take medications
16. Eat a mindful meal
17. Monthly breast exam
18. Moisturize


Mental Health

19. Journal one sentence
20. Acknowledge how you’re feeling
21. Play with your pet
22. Rate stress level on a 1-10 scale


    Spiritual Health

    23. Read 1 page of a spiritual text 
    24. Pray or meditate
    25. Write in a gratitude journal
    26. Tell someone you love them
    27. Take a deep breath
    28. Spend 10 minutes outside
    29. Volunteer weekly
    30. Repeat a mantra or affirmation
    31. Remember that we are all connected


      Social Health (relationships / community)

      32. Spend time with the kids in your life
      33. Call or text a friend
      34. Host a friend hangout monthly (craft night, book club, etc.)
      35. Weekly date night
      36. Send one thank-you note per week
      37. Read to kids
      38. Check in on neighbors/elderly
      39. Make something (food or otherwise) to share with a neighbor or friend



        40. Keep your phone on Do Not Disturb
        41. Social media-free weekend
        42. Under 1 hour of screen time
        43. No screens after 9pm
        44. Less than 15 minutes of social media per day
        45. No texting while driving
        46. Less than an hour of television



          47. Choose your day’s priority (aka highlight)
          48. Inbox zero
          49. Create tomorrow’s to-do list
          50. Review and prepare for tomorrow’s meetings
          51. Call 10 prospects / write 500 words / fill 10 orders (or whatever your most important metric of work is)
          52. One hour of focused work
          53. Tidy your work space
          54. Lunch or coffee with coworkers
          55. Choose your week’s priority
          56. Create monthly goals
          57. Meet with your mentor monthly
          58. Share daily or weekly goals with an accountability partner



            59. Day of no spending
            60. Pay in cash for purchases under $20 (this has been proven to decrease spending!)
            61. Save 10% of paycheck
            62. Put money into retirement monthly
            63. Label all business/work expenses monthly (saves you time during tax season!)



              64. Work in your garden
              65. No plastic bags
              66. Set up coffee maker for tomorrow
              67. Clean your home weekly
              68. Choose tomorrow’s outfit
              69. Wash dishes
              70. Put clothes and shoes away
              71. Clean bag every week
              72. Laundry
              73. Make your bed
              74. Water plants
              75. Sort mail
              76. Tidy house
              77. Turn the compost pile
              78. Do a deep clean of all countertops/surfaces 
              79. Declutter and reorganize your closet
              80. Clean up and reset hubs for pets (clean food bowls, wipe down litter box, etc.)
              81. File away the week’s papers
              82. Reorganize your pantry & toss anything expired
              83. Establish “1 in/1 out” zone – set aside a place to discard/donate 1 item in your house for every new item that comes in



                84. In bed by 10pm
                85. Read before bed
                86. No coffee after 3pm
                87. Complete your “wind-down” routine nightly
                88. No phone/screen time in bed
                89. Reset kitchen and workspace before bed



                  90. Practice your hobby (piano, coloring, puzzles, collage-- whatever!)
                  91. Watch a TED talk
                  92. Work on a crossword puzzle
                  93. Watch a new movie
                  94. Listen to a new album
                  95. Take a photo 
                  96. Explore a new place monthly
                  97. Draw your daily diary
                  98. Cook a new-to-you recipe
                  99. Make a monthly moodboard of inspiration
                  100. Practice learning a new language


                  Have more ideas for habits to track in your habit tracker? Hit us up on Instagram, we'd love to hear your thoughts!