The Winter Self-Care Survival Guide

The season of 2020 that we all have been dreading is finally on our collective doorsteps: it's winter. But winter doesn't have to bring gloom with it! We've been dreaming up some ways to keep your spirits light this winter. Read on for our Winter Survival Guide.

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Stay Connected with Your Friends (Free Download)

This era of social-distancing can be super isolating, making our inner circle of friends more important than ever. Create a visible reminder to reach out to the folks that matter most to you.

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4 Easy Crafts for the Artistically Challenged

Are you itching to make some art? Us, too. There are plenty of simple crafts you can do to let out artistic energy into the world no matter your proficiency level. Try doing some of these crafts with friends over a Zoom meeting – it’s a great way to connect around a shared social activity! Awkward silences are totally okay – even encouraged – because it just means you and your friends are focused on your crafts.

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An Ongoing List of Local Cleveland Artists to Support Always, and Especially During COVID-19

The artistic community in Cleveland is so important to us at Free Period. We wanted to share a little love and create a list of some of our favorite local artists to support. We'll continue to update this regularly, so be sure to keep checking back!

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How to Practice Self-Care During Social Distancing

It’s not always easy to prioritize self-care, nor is it always simple to come up with the best ways to care for yourself. We wanted to round up some ideas for low-cost (and some no-cost!) self-care habits to help you during this time of social distancing.

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7-Day Social Media Detox Challenge

Are you entering mindless scrolling loops more and more these days? Us, too. That's why we came up with a 7-Day Challenge to put you in the Slow Social mindset, allowing you to consume social media less, and get a huge amount of brain space back in return.

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4 Ways to Connect with Friends and Family During Quarantine

We’re all getting used to new routines and new ways of life right now. One of the many new normals is video chats with friends and family instead of in-person chats. We’re sharing some tips for keeping them fun and consistent.

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