Throughout this rollercoaster that is 2020, we've been told time and again to prioritize self-care. And for good reason! Making self-care part of our daily routine reminds us that we are worth putting time and energy into. As a way to cap off the year, we wanted to organize a day-long Self-Care Retreat. We want you to spend a whole day valuing your damn self. Read on for our mini guide on how to do it.

(P.S. Even post-pandemic, we'll certainly be returning to this schedule for future staycations!)


How to Prep

After you've looked through the Schedule below, write down anything that you might be missing before planning your Self-Care Retreat. Do you need a new book to read? Some colored pencils? Soaking salts? You can absolutely do the Self-Care Retreat without spending any money, but if you want to add in a few treats for yourself, you'll want to grab those ahead of time.

Let everyone in your home space know about your Self-Care Retreat plans, so that they give you the space and time you need!

And don't forget to make sure you've got ingredients on-hand to make yourself a comfort meal. Some easy-peasy, maximum-cozy-level recipes we love:

Pasta al Limone

Broccoli w/ Bow Ties

Kielbasa and Lentil Soup

Pumpkin Bread w/ Maple Butter

Pick out a comfortable outfit that can carry you through the day. This is not the time to wear something that you have to tug at or adjust throughout the day – instead, choose a 'fit that's going to make you feel good while also allowing you to move well through every activity.


Together, Apart

Invite a friend or loved one to participate on the same day as you so you can keep each other accountable and have someone to debrief with. Some questions to ask at the end of the day: What were your favorite parts of the day? Least favorite? What would you like to make a habit of, that you can carry on in your daily life? Would you do an at-home Self-Care Retreat Day again?


At-Home Self-Care Retreat Schedule | Free Period Press


[A note on phones before we begin-- We highly recommend making this an unplugged retreat by keeping your phone and laptop in another room for any activities that don't require them. You can set your microwave or oven timer for 60 minutes to keep yourself on schedule, if you'd like. Think of something you want to look up later? Write it down on a Post-It Note-- a tactic we call The Later List.]

10AM: Start the day with some low-impact exercise. We like Yoga with Adriene's Wake Up Yoga or Madfit's Roll Out of Bed Workout.

11AM: Journal prompt: What are you excited about? What are you anxious about? What are you carrying that you want to let go of? What kind thing can you do for yourself that "future you" will thank you for? What else has been on your mind? Take time to write out all your thoughts.

12PM: Take a photography walk outside. If you have a digital or film camera, try using that! Otherwise, your phone will do fine. Doing this without headphones also allows for nice nature sounds.

1PM: Time for a mindful lunch and rest period. Remember to turn off distractions while you eat, and enjoy the flavors and textures of your food. Take time after your meal to breathe deeply, relax, and digest.

2PM: It can be tough to make time for reading during your day-to-day, but now we've scheduled in the time for you! Pick up a new book, continue an old one, or revisit an old favorite. Make sure you're in a cozy spot without distractions, with a warm beverage by your side.

3PM: Try Earthing/Grounding (aka: hug a dang tree) – this activity reconnects you and your energy with your natural surroundings. Go barefoot if it's not too cold outside. To still be in touch with nature without taking your shoes off, try hugging a tree, or touching some plants.

4PM: It's time for a nice coloring session (channel Bob Ross's energy level here) paired with chill music. Bust out your favorite coloring book or just enjoy doodling on some blank paper. Highly recommend the ChillHop playlists on YouTube for good vibes, or anything by Khruangbin.

5PM: Another short exercise session will ease you into the evening. Try Yoga with Adriene's Wind Down Yoga.

6PM: Enjoy a Zoom dinner with friends! You can all plan ahead and cook the same dish, or just sit down to eat at the same time and enjoy chatting.

7PM: Ease into your evening with an at-home spa treatment. Break out those products that are languishing in your bathroom drawer. Will you choose a face mask, luxurious foot soak, or perhaps dry brush and body oil? Or all of the above? Take this moment to care of your body.


If you've completed this at-home Self-Care Retreat, we want to know what you thought! Give us a shout on Instagram and let us know.