Free Period Press Self-Care Index

We all have a lot of work to do to create a more loving and just world, but you can’t take care of others unless you’re taking care of yourself.

We’ve collected some of our favorite things that cheer us up when we’re feeling… bleh.

We published them in the (very-giftable) Self Care Index: A Guide to Remembering the Things You Like to Do, but wanted to list them here for anyone to see!


  1. Ask for help
  2. Add something awesome to your home
  3. Watch Amelie (or your favorite movie, but it’s probably Amelie)
  4. Watch some adorable animal videos
  5. Bake
  6. Have a bath
  7. Browse your local bookstore
  8. Breathe into your belly
  9. Light a candle
  10. Watch the clouds
  11. Clean your room
  12. Make a cup of coffee
  13. Color something fun
  14. Compliment a stranger
  15. Google “corgi butt
  16. Create a collage with an old magazine
  17. Work on a crossword puzzle
  18. Cuddle with your pet or human companion
  19. Dance it out (may we suggest “Water Fountain” by tune-yards?)
  20. Eat your favorite dessert
  21. Donate to a cause you care about
  22. Empty your closet and donate everything you don’t wear
  23. Enjoy silly things
  24. Exercise
  25. Acknowledge your feelings
  26. Surround yourself with friends and family
  27. Build a blanket fort
  28. Build a fire
  29. Use a face mask
  30. Garden
  31. Write down what you’re grateful for
  32. Go to the gym
  33. Help someone
  34. Go for a hike
  35. Host a craft night
  36. Listen to an interesting interview
  37. Join a fun group (book club, sports team, knitting circle, etc.)
  38. Text a friend an inside joke
  39. Journal
  40. Jump on a trampoline
  41. Knit a fuzzy scarf
  42. Kiss someone / something you love
  43. Learn something new
  44. Send a letter
  45. Visit your local library
  46. Listen to a new band
  47. Buy and read a new magazine that catches your eye
  48. Get a massage
  49. Meditate
  50. Call your mom
  51. Watch your favorite movie
  52. Visit a museum
  53. Moisturize
  54. Paint your nails
  55. Take a dang nap
  56. Try a new food
  57. Talk to an octogenarian (a person in their 80s)
  58. Organize your desk
  59. Order yummy takeout
  60. Paint
  61. Go on a photography walk
  62. Look at family photos
  63. Listen to a podcast
  64. Host a potluck
  65. Pray
  66. Quote a funny movie
  67. Quit worrying for five minutes
  68. Read
  69. Put on a record
  70. Relax
  71. Go for a run
  72. Sleep for 8 hours
  73. Wear your comfiest sweater
  74. Listen to your favorite song
  75. Put on your brightest spandex and embrace your inner modern dancer
  76. Stretch!
  77. Attend a sporting event (facepaint optional)
  78. Watch your favorite stand-up comedian
  79. Watch the sunrise or sunset
  80. Have a spot of tea
  81. Write a thank-you note
  82. Tidy up
  83. Travel
  84. Unplug for 1 hour. Right now.
  85. Play your favorite video game
  86. Visit an old friend
  87. Volunteer (some causes to kickstart your brainstorming: older adults, community development, health, arts, LGBTQ, environment, animals, disabilities, education, immigration, veterans, prison reform, youth, drug abuse)
  88. Walk and walk and walk and walk
  89. Sit next to a body of water and listen
  90. Have a big ol’ glass of water (with lemon if you’re feeling fancy)
  91. Read the word-of-the-day
  92. Write a story
  93. Practice yoga
  94. Find your zen
  95. Zone out for a bit