Collage Kit Magazine by Free Period Press

Here at Free Period Press, we're obviously big fans of mindful, creative activities that help you slow down. In celebration of our newest product, the Collage Kit Magazine, we want to share just a few reasons why collaging is the perfect hobby to take up during the pandemic.

1. Collaging is accessible

Collaging is a low-cost, low-investment creative activity. It's great even for folks who don’t seem themselves as “creative”! All you need are some scissors and a glue stick.


2. Collaging is nostalgic

Remember hanging out with your friends as a teenager, cutting out bits of your favorite magazines, and gluing everything onto a poster? Yeah. We still love doing that.


3. Collaging helps you destress

Collaging is the perfect way to unplug and make something tangible with your hands. (I especially like making postcards to send to friends.)


4. Our Collage Kit supports artists

The magazine features work from 40 of our favorite artists. We’re especially excited to be supporting artists during this tough economic time.


5. Collaging is a solution to boredom

Quarantine evenings feeling more and more devoid of things to do? Collaging will save the day. It's such a relaxing way to wind down.


6. Collaging brings people together (even virtually)

Collaging is a great activity to do with friends over Zoom! Try a socially-distanced craft night the next time you and your pals want to hang.


Haven't checked out our Collage Kit yet? It's a 120-page magazine of curated photographs, illustrations, and textures that are just begging to be cut up and reassembled into your very own collage masterpiece. Find it in our shop.