How to Create an Imaginary Board of Directors

While I may not technically be on a first-name basis with Janelle Monáe or Dolly Parton, I feel like I know them well enough to imagine the advice they would give me if I could text them in a moment of panic. Sometimes that perspective is all you need.

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10 DIY Collage Greeting Card Ideas

One of our favorite ways to use our new Collage Kit Magazine is to make greeting cards. Collage Kit co-creator Amber Esner made 10 fantastic examples to inspire you!

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How to Make a DIY Collage Wall at Home

Looking for a way to jazz up your walls without buying any new art pieces? We've got the perfect solution – a DIY collage wall!

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6 Reasons Collaging Should be Your New Pandemic Hobby

Here at Free Period Press, we're obviously big fans of mindful, creative activities that help you slow down. In celebration of our newest product, the Collage Kit Magazine, we want to share just a few reasons why collaging is the perfect hobby to take up during the pandemic.

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